Hey there, I'm Jo.

First off, I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait to chat and meet you.

I'm a grain buyer by day, photographer by night and farm wife 24/7/365. I live in northeast Nebraska with my husband, Casey, and our two dogs, Retta and Rusty. When we sit down at our dinner table, every prayer starts by thanking God for another day on His Earth.

I grew up on my family's farm in southwest Ohio. In 2015 I moved to northeast Nebraska for an internship and met my now husband. I finished college at Ohio State, moved to Nebraska to be a grain buyer and the rest is history!

I prefer to be outside getting my hands dirty on the farm and being able to smell cows when I walk out my front door. My husband gets a little annoyed as I carry my camera bag around all the time. There's nothing I enjoy more than taking photos and creating tangible memories of the mundane days in our life. You'll almost always see my wearing something turquoise and my favorite snack is my momma's chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. I've eaten raw cookie dough all my life and still live to tell the tale.

I started my photography business to fill a creative void. While I truly enjoy working with farmers to buy their grain, I needed a little more visual creativity in my day to day.

Throughout my life I have always loved taking photos and in turn I was creating physical memories to look back on my favorite moments - some were big moments and others were of the every day mundane life.

I'm a firm believer in creating tangible memories for you to look back on for years to come. Do you remember looking through photos of your mom with her big hair and dad with his bell bottom pants? Let's create a way for those younger than you to relive today's lifestyle and trends.

I don't take the responsibility of being your photographer lightly. I want to ensure you have a phenomenal experience and that you love your images. I'm honored you're here and I look forward to working with you!

Some special people in my life

My husband, Casey

My biggest supporter and number 1 fan. We got married on August 17, 2019 and it was truly the best day of my life. Everything I ever dreamed it would be, it was and more. I'm so thankful for his never ending love and support.

My Family

Living 900 miles away from these people isn't easy. They've been my rock for so long and I'm not sure where I would be today without them. My dad, mom and sister have been there for it all and I couldn't imagine this life without them.

Casey's Family

I owe a huge thank you to Casey's family as they've taken me in as one of their own. I'm states away from my family so they're the only family I have here and I'm so thankful for them. They know how to make a girl feel at home!

Loretta Lynn + Rusty

Our pups. I could never leave them out! They have so much joy and love to give and life certainly wouldn't be the same without them greeting us every day when we get home.