Portrait + Lifestyle

60-90 Minute Session -- $185
Extended Family Session -- $285
All professionally edited images
Password protected online gallery
2-3 week delivery


Small Business

Sessions begin at $185/hour
Customizable packages available
All professionally edited images
Password protected online gallery
2-3 week delivery



How many locations or outfits per session?

Great question. The simple answer: as many as you want! The complex piece is that the more outfits and/or locations we use, the less time we spend photographing during our session and in turn leads to less photos I can deliver. It’s all on your personal preference! I recommend one or two outfits, but if you’re speedy in the closet, feel free to bring more. I’d also recommend one or two locations and trying to keep them close together. Any time changing or moving between spots takes away from our shooting time.

When will I receive my photos?

My hands work quicker than a tortoise but they’re not as fast as a jack rabbit either. Trust me, I wish they were! My timeline is a 2-3 week turnaround after the session.

Do I have to credit jo + co photo on social media?

Do you have to? No. Would I appreciate it more than words can begin to explain? Absolutely! The hope and goal is that you have such a great time with me, you want all of your friends and family to have the same experience. If you're feeling generous, I'd adore a great Facebook review, too! Most of my inquires come through word of mouth and personal referrals and I would appreciate down to my pinky toe if you could share your great experience with others. Truly, it means a lot.

Do I have to order prints + albums through you?

Absolutely not! However, I do have a print shop hooked right up to my website where your photos will be delivered. I did this to make it simple and easy for you to order prints. I use an industry trusted, high quality and efficient lab so you can bet your bucks you’ll get quality prints in a timely matter. You will also receive printing rights from the contract you signed that allows you to print the photos somewhere else if you prefer.

How many photos should I expect?

For portrait sessions, you’ll receive at least 35 photos for the 60-90 minute session. Small business sessions vary on the package. Have an adorable dog? Add 10 photos to those numbers. I’m only half way kidding.

How will I receive my images?

I will send you an email with a link to view your images in a password protected online gallery. You can also download and order prints there, too!

How long will my images be available online?

Your photos will be available online for six months after they are delivered. I highly suggest downloading your images in 2-3 places for safe keeping. There will be a $50 service fee if images are requested to be put back online after the deadline.

Will I receive all the images from our shoot?

As a professional photographer, I hand select the best images from our time together and then professionally edit the photos. You will receive the hand selected and professionally edited photos, not all of the photos from the session nor the raw images from the session.

Who owns the images?

jo + co photo and Jordan Rasmussen own the images. You, the client, receive printing rights of the images, but the images are still owned by myself and my business. As soon as I click the little button on my camera during our shoot, the image instantly becomes physical property of my business. Even though I send them to you and you download them onto your computer or cell phone, they’re still considered physical property of jo + co photo. That is why clients are not allowed to make any additional edits, watermarks, etc. to the images that have been captured and professionally edited by my business.

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